Brake should operate with minial amount of noise.

However excessive squeal, screech, groaning grinding chatter or rattle means your brakes need attention.



Probable Cause Corrective Action
Extremely rough rotor surface Regrinding rotors
Worn pads of linings Replace with new pads or linings
Twisted brake shoe Replace brake shoes
Weak or broken spring components Replace with new spring 
Drums out of round Turn or replace drums
Loose wheel bearing Ajust or replace faulty parts
Foreigh particles embedded in material Replace with new pads or linings
Faulty calliper alignment Reajust
Too much lateral runout of rotor Correct runout to manufactures specifications




Brake pedal, steering wheel or entire wheel shakes, vibrates or pulsates when brake is applied.


Probable Cause Corrective Action
Rotor runout and parallelism Resurface disk brake rotors
Wear in steering and suspension components Examine and replace worn components
Wheels out of balance Wheel balance required




Premature wear can be caused by a number of faults in the brake system.

To avoid costly repairs make the brakes check at least once a year.


Probable Cause Corrective Action
Wrong type of pad or lining material for operating conditions Replace with correct pad or lining material for application
Calliper pistons and/or pins seized Fit pin and seal kits
Extremely rough rotor surface Regrind rotors