TBT realizes that brakes is the decisive part of the vehicles’ safety systems.

Therefore, investment in continuous researches and development are made to enhance brake performance.


During the past decade, we have strived with the best effort to transform our company from a traditional factory into the modern and professional business entity that we are today, with complete equipments and meticulous quality control management.

Here in TBT, not only do we possess the most enthusiastic staff, but also the tradition of persistence in the improvement of manufacturing techniques and top-class products, to ensure the safety of vehicles and the satisfaction of our customers. As a result of following our vision, we have not been beaten in the global recession, and we will keep marching on steadfastly.

It is with great confidence that we proudly guarantee to always satisfy and succeed the requirements of our customers.

Introducing Japanese manufacturing and the Japanese technical advisor, hi-tech friction materials and detailed assembly line control are adopted to offer safety and comfort in our braking products’ performance.

Our R&D team utilized the latest Japanese technology in friction formulation development to deliver high performance product. In all, we have more than 20 different friction formulations to suit all types of driving requirements.

In addition, our molds and back plates are produced in-house. This ensures that we have full control over the most critical components right from the development phrase.

We also have a full set of testing equipment, most notably a dynamometer tester. This allows us to conduct our test according to the international standards, like the AK Mater.

In the future TBT will be continuing to exceed ourselves, to satisfy all your driving desire and become the most dependable supplier to guarantee your safety and driving quality.